The Best Software For Video Editing On PC

The Best Software For Video Editing On PC

Video editing software has become an essential tool in the videography industry. Not only it brought changes to the entertainment world but it also assisted in making creative videos that helped in sales and marketing.

Over the years professional and amateurs have seen a lot of video editing software coming up in the market today, while some of them were best of the best and others were not. But many people were not aware of some of the video editors that has strong features and enables one to perform all the heavy-duty stuff on PC  using the best software for video editing on pc.

The list of software that we are going to address today are some of the best that you can use for richer video output and with the features, you can have total admin control. Some of the features are mixing, 3D effects, black and white, adding themes and templates, subtitles, texts and various effects.

The Best Video Editing Software on PC?

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere is a very video editing software from the house of  Adobe that is compatible with 64 bit Windows running on 7/8/10. This software comes with more than 400 transitional and effects which enables video editing very much fun.

The software also allows you to export up to  19 videos and can be shared directly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo.

Corel Video Studio

The Corel Video Editor is a software that is very user-friendly and can be ideal for beginners and casual video editors. It is priced at 49.99 $ for the Ultimate version and 39.99 $ for Pro version. It comes with a pre-loaded template which can be helpful for novice editors.

There are about 2000 transitions, animated titles and effects that you can use from.

Power Director

Power Director is another highly rated video editor that is compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating software.

It is a full stacked video editing tool that can be suitable for novice editors as well as professionals. As it comes with plenty of templates, effects and transitions you will be able to add a variety of things. You can also mix audio, stabilize the video with the motion tracking tools available.


These are some of the best software for video editing on pc. If you like our article comment down below and check back again for more amazing articles like this.


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